Founded in 2014, TESSEC is a company specialized in developing projects and studies of coastal engineering, dredging and marine aspects of port design and management. Possesses experience on performing conceptual design of offshore structures of terminals, as it associates tools of numerical modeling of coastal processes and solutions in layout and engineering of piers and waterways. The company has a multidisciplinary team composed by its own technical staff and partnerships, which seeks to associate knowledge to each process of designing docking structures and access to terminals of various types of loads, as well as the design of sheltering structures.  As a specialty, dredging engineering is provided through design (at all levels of detail), inspection and management. As a complement to design development, it also performs geophysical survey services in the marine environment, through specific surveys and high-level technical consulting for hydrographic surveys. It also assists investors in choosing potential areas for the implementation of port terminals and the purchase of specialized equipment in coastal and maritime construction. The company have a professional staff in the areas of ​​civil engineering, geotechnical, oceanography and naval engineering.

Endereço: R. Doutor Cesário Mota Júnior, 424

Vila Buarque, São Paulo - SP. CEP 01221-020

Telefone: (11) 3154-2727 / (11) 9 5057-9575 

Contato: contato@tessec.com.br